Video FAQs

What is the basic purpose of Mittix? What can I do with it?

This video provides a basic introduction to Mittix. It illustrates some of Mittix's most commonly used features.  It shows basic navigation within the product and how Mittix projects can be used to organize your documents and tasks.

Mittix overview video

How can I add documents to Mittix?

Adding documents to Mittix can be as easy as draging them and dropping them into your Mittix projects. To add lots of files at once, zip files can be uploaded.

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How can I quickly find specific information?

Through real-time filtering, Mittix quickly shows the items in question so that you may complete your work and close action items. Mittix also does full text searching of the items and documents in your projects - it's fast and very powerful!

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How can I create a PDF from the information I add to my Mittix projects?

You can create a PDF of your projects with one click. All files and documents can be accessed from that PDF.

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How can I add and manage my project participants? 

With Mittix you can control which people are included, what those people can see, and what those people can do. All you need is their email address.

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With Mittix can I tell who has looked at certain documents? 

Absolutely. Mittix keeps track of a complete history log for every item that includes changes to the item, any documents uploaded, any documents downloaded and any documents viewed.

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How can I prevent users from downloading my documents? 

Mittix provides multiple levels of access for item documents. You can decide whether a given user may download document content, or whether they are to only be allowed to view the content. For view-only access, Mittix renders document content to a print image and provides a controlled viewer for that content. Furhter, Mittix watermarks that content with background information that shows the user accessing the document along with the date and time it was accessed. Finallly, Mittix even keeps track of how long the user spends viewing each page of content!

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Can I be notified when content is added or changed? 

Mittix provides a way for you to subscribe to notifications for activity that interests you. You are in control, you can select any project or project subset for notifications. Further, you can decide what you how often you want notifications and what the criteria is for sending notifications (e.g., when new content is added, when an item is assigned to you, when an item is modified by someone else, etc.), and you can customize each notification with a contextual messages regarding what the notice means to you. With notifications, you don't have to remember to go to Mittix to discover important activity; it comes to you automatically! You simply follow the links in the e-mail back to Mittix to see and follow-up on the items that interest you.

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Does Mittix allow for Group Security Administration? 

Absolutely! Security can be administered as coarsely or finely as you want. You can define groups that represent teams with common functional needs and then assign security by group, or you can assign security user-by-user, or both! Group based security is great for larger organizations with legal, financial, operational and other associations of users with like needs. With Group based security settings, you only need to add and remove people to groups. No need to explicitly configure each and every user's access.

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